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A ringing endorsement of the Karen Pryor Academy, of which I'm a proud graduate and member, by renowned behavior veterinarian Dr. Sophia Yin. I'm also a graduate of the Puppy Start Right instructor's course, whose designer is interviewed here. 


Nice nod in an article a fellow KPA CTP who is also a former journalist. 


A succinct update(March 2013) 


I sat for a Q&A with Julia Rohan for the Rover-Time blog and newsletter. (March 2013)


I answered a question for "Fan Landers," the Village Voice's advice column for musicians, about taking a dog on tour with a band(July 2012)


Mark Vanderhoff of Rover-Time Dog Walking & Pet Sitting blogged about starting training and the power of clicker training with his own dog, Chauncey(September 2012)